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My Love Sunday

by Walker Phillips

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Daniel Long
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Daniel Long The vocals remind me of the wonderful Arthur Lee Harper who made that beautiful album Dreams and Images in 1968 Favorite track: My Love Sunday.
Jenell Kesler
Jenell Kesler thumbnail
Jenell Kesler Walker Phillips trips out a haunting atmospheric album of exceptional proportions, rolling back the years and bringing forth a haunting and lightly experimental vision that seems to have been beamed in from the hazed psychedelic 60’s, where a disembodied DJ would spin this entire record late into the night, with listeners putting off their nocturnal slumbers in favor of hearing what would be unveiled next.

Jenell Kesler
Taylor Geddes
Taylor Geddes thumbnail
Taylor Geddes An apocalyptic and casually spiritual journey through a neo-occult-psych-folk lens, full of pop hooks and at times Cohen-esque writing. If David Tibet made folk music at the height of the psychedelic 60s it might sound something like this. Or, if this had come from that era Phillips would rank among acclaimed outsider artists like D.R. Hooker and Skip Spence, and would have had as much influence on Tibet. Took a chance based on incredible “Son of Death” and it's been in constant rotation since.
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released November 16, 2018

Produced by Walker Phillips


all rights reserved



Walker Phillips San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Albion Daughter
Come, sit by my side
Albion Daughter
The fair fire of water is
In your eyes
And I ain't no ways tired
Listen, love
Plant silver in your garden
The Sun and The Moon
Are married today
And I ain't no ways tired
Let the killing begin
Tis now the season
Some adder's poison is in
My Heart
And I ain't no ways tired
Track Name: Son of Death
Now now, nor was ever
Not in the day or the night
Such a terrible, terrible sight as this
The Sun has died
She whispered to a sparrow
Her words were alive
And the Four became a Five
The Sun has died
Listen carefully, listen well
The Sun has a secret
You can never tell
Now arise
Arise, Sun of Death
Six Horses
Six Swans
Six Voices
The Sun is gone
Father in the name of The Spirit
Spirit in the name of The One
Whose name goes on forever
Whose name is The Son
Holy mystery
The spinning wheel that winds
The Twins whose eyes
Are intertwined
In the evening of Time
Now arise
Arise, Son of Death
Inside of The Circle
There is a square
Inside of The Square
A circle is there...
Track Name: My Love Sunday
My love, Sunday
Flowers rest all upon Her hair
See how The Sunlight
Plays upon Her skin so fair
The colours of sunset
Spell Her name out across The Sea
The silv'ry mist of
Twilight passes over me
And I will be there
Happy to share
My Love
My love whispers
A harpsichord note upon The Air
In a world of worries
Well hath She learned not to care
Now every Sunday
Morning when the day begins
And every Saturday
As the evening ends
She will be there
Happy to share
Her Love
Track Name: Sorrow Came Today
Sorrow came today
Her words were kind,
She kindly asked to stay
And then turned away
And a light divides Her way
O, it is but The Sun again
And She in Her Golden Gown
Good Night is arising
Toward the Eastern pillars of The Forest
Where the shadows rest
And Sorrow is a black cat
More than that
A Gold hand to The Harpist
But not more than this
I’m Mr. Green Christmas
I’m Mr. Sun
I’m asking for forgiveness
Forgive me with a song
What starry secrets
Are growing in the garden of Man?
Will you help me throw
These pebbles from my hand, my friend?
Here is where we are
Between the meaning of the Tarot Card
And the Mason’s Jar
My sister is a Swan
How can it be I am her brother
When I am no one’s son?
Sorrow is a mountain
A Fountain
Her face round and pale
Black is The Sun
Yellow is Her Veil
The Wind is in Her sail…
Take me to the circus
I am a two-headed man
My eyes are mirrors
Where Sorrow should have been
And when The Sands of Time
Bring you Frankincense & Myrrh
Sorrow, you will find,
Is as kindly as before
Track Name: The Rain, The Tower & Other Things
When I was Seven
I wished I’d be Eleven if I could
But then I turned Twelve
It didn’t do me very much good
I dreamt I saw a Fox
Who swallowed the keys
To the garden locks
Why don’t you hide downstairs?
(Climbed up The Tower & turned around)
No one will know that you’re there
(And London Bridge came falling down)
Nor will they care what you do
(I washed away in a drop of rain)
Hide in a shoe ‘cause it’s raining
(And climbed up The Tower again)
Oh well, how do you know?
The Mothers & Fathers & Letters & Numbers they tell me so
Oh well, how will you grow?
Bury me in The Soil and See…
Diana, Diana
She broke her mirror in two
But out of her sadness
A ladder did grow, and grew
I wonder which of us
Will turn into Gold
And which will rust?
To fly with The Birds you must
Crawl with The Worms in the dust
Swim with The Fish in the sea
Burn in the The Fire never ending
Track Name: Six
Six is the number of many a thing
The number of sorrows the Magpie brings
The number of Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams
The number of rubies in Saturn’s rings
Three stones ‘round the sides
Three stones in the middle
The Eternal Answer to The Eternal Riddle
The Ineffable Name, The Flute & The Fiddle
Or a Seven reflected in a wishing well
Six is the number of a Peacock’s eye
The number of a flower when it dies
The reason the seas fall and rise
One side of a coin that has two sides
For blessed is one like wood in the flame
Who sees the part that he plays in the game
Who knows well The Lamb & The Serpent by name
And calls upon Them blindly
For they both are the same
Virgo is cold-lipped and blue
And likewise her brothers are too
The Lion, The Lover, The Seraph, The Swan
The seeds from whom all creation grew
Seek Her in the house where Time is a child
Find Her in places where space is unreal
To talk of tomorrow, to beg or to borrow
To be born & to die
On The Ever Spinning Wheel
Six is the blood in The Holy Grail
The shell of a garden snail
The Heart, The Hand & a castle of sand
Six is the number of Man
Track Name: Song for Anne Frank pt. II
A statue of bronze in the soft satin afternoon light
A garden of white & red roses on the left & the right
There’s a blanket of gold on the sand
Quicksilver & stone in your hand
I want you to know that we all love you so,
Remember when you were a child
You didn’t know who you were
Now that you have four faces
Do you know who you are?
I know just who I would like to be
I’ve learned that to love is to see
I want you to know that we all love you so,
Let down your hair
Come dance in the forest
With The Mandrake & The Crow
I want you to know that we all love you so,
Track Name: There Are Times or Never Do See Any Other Way
There are times
I don’t mind
Oh, no one knows me here
If you do, I could stay with you
To see Sophia talking backwards
And walking to the left of The Sun
Ain’t it true it’s the same with you?
Mother of The Child
Sister of The Circle
Serpent of The Dawn
She built a house of Always
Strung garlic o’er the doorways
And there two trees together have grown
Like Abraham & Isaac
In the shallows of forgiveness
O Blessed in the castle of Good Morning
Where in The Seven Halls of Evening
Seven maids are weaving
A gown with gold & silver adorning
And now The Red Queen is in Her glass prison
Becoming The Moon
Sublimated & fair
What can I do?
I’m the same as you
Track Name: End Times
Is it any wonder that The Harvest Time has come?
You will come to understand
It’s only just begun
Oh your sins have reached even unto
Everyone is counted according to his ways
So if you read the numbers rightly
You can count the days
Until it’s gone
The years pass by like hours, don’t they?
That’s because we’re living in The End Times
It’s such a beautiful thing to know
Where are you going to go?
The Four Winds bend the branches
Like they never did before
And I’ve seen dark figures moving
On the distant shore
So now I’m sure
Are you sure?
Your loves all seem like sorrows, don’t they?
That’s because we’re living in The End Times
It’s such a beautiful thing to know
Where are you going to go?
There are many eyes upon you
Above you, and Below
So even as The Reaper reaps the grain
So seeds you’ll sew
And so it goes
And so it goes…

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